Meet Erin, the co-owner, and the brains behind the vision of Stone Wreath. For many years, Stone Lake has been home. Whether a permanent home, or vacation home, Stone Lake has always held a place in her heart. She strongly believes that when women support each other incredible things can happen. So when she saw the opportunity to have a store of her own, she gathered her best gals and ran with her vision! Outside of the store you will find her being a daughter, a wife, and a mother to four! Yes, four! Being a mom has been a lifelong dream of Erin’s, but after years of dedicating her time to four little ones, she felt the urge to find a source of self-empowerment. She feels that empowerment comes to those who feel good about them selves. It comes hand in hand with how you look, the home you keep, and the people you surround yourself with. Which is exactly why Stone Wreath was created with the vision to help people design their wardrobe, home, and life.  She hopes this store will not only give women the tools to do so, but, that it gives them the space and the community to support them along the way.


Some of you may know this beauty as Jane, Mom, maybe even Nana, but more recently as the co-owner and creator of Stone Wreath boutique. This boutique has been a lifelong dream of hers and now, 6 years after a life altering lung transplant, her dream is coming true. Jane has been a Stone Lake native for the last 37 years. Her time in the area has been spent managing family businesses, raising 3 children, and being a nana to 9 grandkids. No matter how busy her life, she always managed to find time to paint, sew, garden, and decorate every aspect of her life. She is happiest when she is creating, which is why her daughter Erin, knew she would make the perfect business partner when carrying out the vision for Stone Wreath. Jane knew Stone Wreath belonged in the heart of Stone Lake. It has not only been her home for the last three decades, but it has been a friendly, community minded space where people can embrace each other and the natural beauty surrounding it. She hopes this store will bring others the joy it has brought her, and that she can share her creative vision and talents for years to come.


If you’re a Stone Lake regular, you might already recognize this face. Katie was born and raised in the Stone Lake area, and is a part of the Paine family. Sound familiar yet? You bet, the same Paine family that owned the local bait shop and popular pubs around town! How fitting is it for us to have her as the face behind the counter here at Stone Wreath?! If anyone knows this area, it’s her. She is a wife, a mother of four, and can hardly wait to welcome this store into her busy life. She is a staple here at Stone Wreath, so next time you’re in the area, stop by and pay her a visit! You might even catch one of her daughters by her side!


From the beginnings of her career, Brianna has surrounded herself with all things design. Bri has a BFA in interior design, and years of experience working for a design team right here in the Stone Lake area. In fact, that is exactly what brought this Minnesota native, to our neck of the woods. She spent 6 years working in the industry, when she decided to change paths. Her and her husband have an oh so sweet and sassy daughter Marlee who stole the show, and Bri has spent the last 5 years as a stay at home mom. While Marlee has been her top priority, she knew she had to do something for herself, which is how she got onto her health and wellness journey. Bri has dedicated her time to teaching dance and fitness classes in the Hayward area and she will also be teaching them right here in our store! Bri plans to teach Stone Wreath Barre classes, and hopes to add more to the schedule in upcoming weeks! Follow our website for more info on our future classes, and be sure to check out the fun interior design aspects Bri will be adding to our shop!